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Multiple Love Affairs #TheSideHustle

If we've learned anything from the pandemic, it's how fragile the job market can be. We can be gainfully employed one day and lose our jobs the next. Having just one job that you depend on for all of your financial needs is a thing of the past. With the growing cost of inflation, high rent, high gas prices, high interest rates, high everything, its more important than ever to get that second, even third revenue stream.

Of course there are only so many hours in the day and a larger workload possibly means something else in your life will suffer. How about spending time with your family and friends? A significant other? How important is that to you? A work, life, balance becomes much easier, if you are passionate about the work you do.

Last I checked they are not adding more hours to the day, so what's the solution? This can be the fun part!The solution is doing what works for you and your unique lifestyle. Just because you have three jobs doesn't mean it has to be three jobs that you hate. Find what you're passionate about, so you can eventually do what you love and call it work.

I'm an erotic fiction author, professional musician and now content creator/blogger for "Bedtime Stories Series" on Onlyfans. These are all things that I love! Because I love it, even though it takes all of my time and I'm constantly busy creating, it doesn't feel like work... most of the time.

I understand that some lucky people have great careers with benefits and are content in their current financial situation. However, I would encourage everyone to see the benefit in a lifestlye that can be an advantage for even the wealthiest among us. A diversity of income and it's sources carries far more benefit than a financial incentive. Each carries with its own diverse community that share the same likemindedness as you do. If you chose your passionate interest well, you can find your communuty grows in diversity, opportunity and most important financially revenue. Whether you are an artist, banker or builder, it's time to start investing in your talents and interests and calling it work.

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