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Erotic Fiction Author Joins Onlyfans

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

"It's an algorithm. Don't be scarred". That's what I had to tell myself before creating a account and deciding to turn to the Onlyfans as an option to share my content. The first time I heard of the platform I was researching hot topics for a radio show I cohosted back in 2019. OnlyFans was involved in a class action lawsuit regarding usage of the platform. Since then it has grown, stepping away from explicit content with "OnlyFans TV" A lot has changed but it's growing into more than just an algorithm. If cleavage makes you cringe, then maybe its not the place for you, but creators can use the platform however they like. Me, I choose to use it to host my live readings in a series I call "Bedtime Stories" unfiltered and uncensored. I'm finally free to say what I want. I'm a fantasy, erotic fiction author and my books carry a sexual theme that is strictly adults only. Twenty-five and older is the target demographic but finding readers on social media while staying PG13, one hundred percent of the time is challenging I needed a strict age requirement.

A common way for authors to engage with readers is by hosting live readings on social media but the content of my novels is too explicit for Youtube or Facebook. After researching on platforms that I can take my smut and call it home, Onlyfans rose to the top of that list. It seems like a no brainer, not only can I use the platform to share the content of my novels but I can host live readings and share short stories with no shame of being flagged.

It reminds me of twitter in format, you post your own creative content similar to YouTube and you can communicate with your fans like Facebook messenger. The subscription aspect has made me more active in creating content because I want to keep my fans engaged. You don't need a million followers to see a difference, its about the generosity and support of your fans.

I wonder why there are not more erotic fiction authors like myself saturating the platform already. The world is changing and in order for creators like myself to reflect that change we need the freedom of less censorship. I'm taking a leap of faith that my fans will meet me on the line, and openly listen and interact while I share the depth of my experience as a writer and content creator. You can find my subscription page on Onlyfans@authorefsands

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